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Mobile Gym Kits

  • Slips easily into your carry-on or drawer
  • Requires no additional gear or fees
  • Targets upper body, lower body and core

Rubberbanditz is a comprehensive gym-in-a-bag training system. Designed for in-home or on-the-go fitness, our circular exercise bands workout your whole body instead of isolating one muscle at a time. Get a full workout in your hotel room, living room or park.

Which Kit is Right for Me?

Accessories Tutorials Bands
Mobile Gym Kit 2 Hand Grips 2 Clips Door Strap Travel Bag Manual DVD Light Band Medium Band Heavy Band Robust Band Band Tension Recommended For:
Basic x x x x x x x x 50 lbs Beginners/Youth
Standard x x x x x x x x x 100 lbs Busy Crossfitters
Deluxe x x x x x x x x x x 180 lbs Pull ups/Powerlifters

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