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A common question people have about Rubberbanditz, is how far do the bands actually stretch? Well to that answer that question, we’re going to give you a little demo.

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Behind the Scenes Rubberbanditz Photos

Oct 10, 2014 3:02:00 AM

Behind the Scenes Rubberbanditz Photos

Ok exciting news! Rubberbanditz teamed up with kick ass fitness guru Kate Abate to create a new Rubberbanditz fitness program! Now just in case you don’t know who Kate Abate is she is an amazing fitness trainer based in the LA area. Now we don’t have the video out yet, but I do have a behind the scenes photo to prove that Kate and Ari have been working on something great. Check out the photo below.

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Use Your Workout Bands for Killer Abs

Aug 8, 2014 3:19:25 AM

Use Your Workout Bands for Killer Abs

Ready to put your workout bands to good use? If you’ve had a Rubberbanditz workout band for awhile, you know the millions of easy ways you can use the product to get a quick, effective workout in. However, while its easy to figure out how to utilize the workout bands to perform killer tricep exercises and burn out your biceps, one muscle that you might be ignoring is the abdominals. And lets be real, we ALL want sexy, sculpted, and strong abs. But never fear, we came up with an exercise that will help to get your abdominals in tip top shape in no time, using just your workout bands and a pull up bar.

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Ultimate Vacation Packing List

Jul 11, 2014 5:06:00 AM

Ultimate Vacation Packing List

Konichiwa!! I'm posting from Tokyo today :) So far I have been having a fantastic trip filled with food (yum), sight seeing, and family reunions. However, after being here for a few days I've realized I am a terrible packer. I've had to run to the local convenience store several times to pick up items that I definitely could have just brought from home. That's why in my downtime I've come up with an ultimate vacation packing list that encompasses everything you'll need on your next vacation! Check it out!

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Congratulations to Rubberbanditz creator Ari Zandman Zeman for graduating from UCLA's Anderson School of Business! UCLA's MBA program is one of the top business schools in the country, so we're super proud of Ari! Of course he couldn't just be normal and wear leis and sashes to his graduation, he had to wear his Rubberbanditz bands at graduation ;) Congrats!!


Happy Memorial Day

May 22, 2014 10:42:16 PM

Happy Memorial Day

I have been looking forward to Memorial Day mainly because it means a day off. However, I was recently reminded of what the day is really meant to celebrate and no, its not sleeping in! Memorial Day's true purpose is to honor the thousands of men and women who have truly put their country first. In the midst of our weekend activities, its important we take the time to acknowledge and revere US soldiers past and present.

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Happy Friday, everyone!

We've got a cool new video up on our YouTube channel that shows how the bands can be used to work on your first step in basketball. They seem to work...that guy looks awfully tired by the end of the vid!

Thanks go to Chris Zolman for submitting this footage. If you guys have any video of you or your friends using our bands then be sure to submit it! We'll post it on the blog and give you a shout out. If you don't have any...take some!

Pilates, Rubberbanditz style

Aug 26, 2010 4:00:09 AM

If you are a fan of us on Facebook or you follow us on Twitter, then you already know the news:

Yoga increases your happiness and decreases your anxiety.

I could use summa’ that. I bet you could too. So let’s get our Rubberlates on!

This move might look familiar to you, and it should. It's a classic yoga move with a Rubberbanditz resistance band twist. This will add a little something extra to an ordinary move.

T-Shape Superman

Start with your arms out perpendicular to your body and your palms facing your feet.

In a fluid motion while keeping your navel drawn inward and upward toward the spine, raise your torso and legs off the floor.

Slide your shoulder blades into the imaginary pockets in your upperback for stabilization and pull your arms back as far as you can.

TShape Superman

Hold this static position for as long as possible while keeping these tips in mind:

- Squeeze your shoulder blades together

- Maintain navel drawn to spine

- Squeeze your glutes to feel like your pubic bone is flat on the ground

- Keep your neck long and straight

May the Fourth Be With You

Jul 4, 2010 10:37:52 AM

Who said sitting by the pool or on the beach has to be a sloth’s paradise.  Don’t let the yearning for self-improvement wither away in the sun’s rays.  Burn calories while getting sun burned!

I’m celebrating my future grandparents in-laws’ 50th wedding anniversary in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico trying to muster enough energy to push myself away from the buffet table and work off the mountain of comida I just inhaled.  The 4th of July is the time to celebrate your independence and exercise your freedom.

-  Ari Zandman-Zeman and Roy Gelbart

Celebrating the 4th in Style 

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