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About Us

Who the heck are these guys?

Rubberbanditz is a mobile fitness company based in Los Angeles. Our goal is to make fitness accessible to everyone and eliminate any constraints that prevent you from living a healthy lifestyle.

Our founder, Ari, needed a mobile functional training method to stay in shape while serving on a remote island in the Peace Corps. After tinkering with dozens of ideas he discovered that only looped resistance bands could provide a complete strength, stretch and stability training platform that's deployable anywhere.

Rubberbanditz was born.

Ari Zandman-Zeman
Band Commander

Ari is a former D1 basketball player, NASM certified personal trainer and earned an MBA (not Masters in Band Athletics) from UCLA. He is passionate about making the world stronger and creating shared value through social entrepreneurship.

Corey Bergad
Chief of Operations and Stretchagy

Corey is former D1 nordic skier and avid road/mtn cyclist. After working at various Boston-based tech start-ups and Apple as a design engineer and program manager, Corey stretches his bandz both in the urban jungle of his adopted home in LA as well as in the expansive “jungles” of the national park system.

Reza Jafery
Director of HandStands & Marketing

Reza is a Dubai native with callused feet from hot beach sand and a refined palate for peanut butter protein shakes. After starting and managing a boutique digital marketing firm Reza now resides at Rubberbanditz HQ and is working diligently towards eBandgelizing the free world.