Take Your Lift to the Next Level

Shatter records and make monumental strides in performance with powerlifting bands.

Powerlifting bands have been an essential tool for modern day Goliaths to help overcome training plateaus and test their ultimate strength. Through our Powerlifting Bands, we’ll help you take your workout to the next level.


We’re committed to making our Durham, NC business a triple bottom line company - People, Planet, and Profit - so your purchase does more than just work your body and line our pockets. Learn about our ongoing Social Outreach in Kibera Kenya.

Vincent Jackson
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“These fitness bands help me stay in shape and give me a great training weapon I can use anywhere.”

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Rubberbanditz, LLC is a small, health-conscious business based in Durham, North Carolina. Our aim is to eliminate any constraint or excuse that prevents you from living a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’re believers in Rubberbanditz, an exercise product that is accessible to everyone. The gym is no longer too far away or too expensive. Customer service and the achievement of our customers’ personal fitness goals are tops on our priority list. Exercise your freedom!